Talking all things traumatic brain injury, vision loss, resilience and mountain adventures with one of hockey's greatest.

Connection with friends around the world has led to opportunities to speak about traumatic brain injury and all that has come in the wake of mine. This time I had the privilege to share with a leader from the ice hockey world, Kerry Goulet on The Gouche podcast sponsored by The Hockey News.

Kerry has dedicated much of his off ice energy to charitable causes, with his main focus on concussions and spinal cord injuries in sport. Kerry is one of the founders of StopConcussions, along with Keith Primeau, former captain of the Philadelphia Flyers as well as being co-chairmen of the Shoot for a Cure campaign. The campaign aims to educate coaches, trainers, parents and athletes about the cause, effects and consequences of neurotrauma injuries.

If this conversation or the brightens your smile, please share. The world could always use more love and light. 




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