A blueprint of the climbs, giving all respect to the mountains and Mother Nature.

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  1. Joanne Merkley says:

    Good Luck! Really enjoy watching your adventures! Because I follow you I now get some really amazing suggestions on Instagram.
    So thank you for sharing

    • Jill Wheatley says:

      LOVE knowing that you are here following along Joanne! Your cheers are warmly felt and tapped into with every kick of my crampons as I climb on. With gratitude and much love,

  2. Shannon says:

    From the beginning Mountains of My Mind you have been so authentic, real, vulnerable and in the moment. Your courage to explore, expand, push the limits, find new passions and things that bring you joy are impressive and encouraging. You have been successful at finding ways to do what you love – even new things. I know you don’t pretend it has been easy.

    The pictures are breathtaking. If we didn’t have your beautiful, powerful words they may tell a very different story.

    What you experience with your TBI you make relatable to all of us with whatever we face within ourselves at any moment. I am grateful to read your words, to know I am not alone in my thoughts of worthiness, pain, fear of judgement, mind telling stories, bringing myself to mindfulness, paralysis of fear of the past and acceptance – and knowing it is my choice how I respond – move forward. I always am reminded of your wise words, life is impermanence. Your blueprint is impressive and exciting.

    • Jill Wheatley says:

      Thankful to know you see and feel so much more than sunny summits my friend.
      Keep choosing ‘forward’ ~ with you no matter the mountains between.

      So thankful you are ‘here’ always
      much love