A story is only interesting because of what someone overcomes and works through — so too is life.

Nature is my ultimate therapist, trail running where I feel most mindful, and mountains where I find ease in keeping life in perspective. Despite significant vision limitations and losses that have changed my path, I am working to embrace my differently abled body one mountain at a time. Taking a new path that will lead throughout each illustrious mountain range indicated below, I hereby share my experience hoping to inspire when your vision may feel blurred or only see mountainous trails ahead.

Ice Fall

Once upon a chilly February morning, two eager friends raced the sun rising in Banff National Park in search of a frozen waterfall to scale.....the plot quickly twist and the happily ever after will take a minute.

Digging Deep on Dhaulagiri

Climbing atop the 7th highest mountain on earth, Dhaulagiri got off to a jagged start. My second 8 000 er was far tougher mentally than physically. I climb on.

Kanchenjunga: Keepin’ the Story Interesting

The world’s 3rd highest peak, my 3rd 8000er, was going to be different. The stories my mind was telling were daunting yet deep within knew that there was potential for greatness to surface from change. It did.

Manaslu Expedition Part 1: Embodying the Soul of the Himals

As I prepare to climber beyond 8 000m, I reflect upon the healing I have found in the himals of Nepal, and how I strive to personify their characteristics.

Part 2: Magical Manaslu ~ a brief look

A glimpse into my first expedition beyond 8 000 m, to the true summit of Manaslu


Grief is an enigma. Ups and downs, twists and turns, it hides in crevices before it surfaces again without warning.

A Heavy Load: From Ama Dablam to the Annapurnas (Part 3)

Room for anything but mindfulness does not exist when maneuvering amidst renowned technical terrain, anchor after endless anchor with frigid fingers and without depth perception, one breath at a time I climbed in body and mind.

A Heavy Load: From Ama Dablam to the Annapurnas (Part 2)

Ama Dablam comes with an extensive packing list; a strong mental game tops the most essential gear as she leaves no space for a wandering mind. Most variables on the mountain are beyond my control yet which direction the voices take is up to me.

A Heavy Load: From Ama Dablam to the Annapurnas

Having been forced down from the Annapurnas and locked out of the mountains, following 8 challenging months, things were looking up. Embarking upon the most technical test of my vision, physical and mental strength, when an avalanche hit.

Success Gets Personal on Ama Dablam

With the weight in my mind heavier than that of my pack, I teetered on the trail and in thought. Rescuing myself from fleeing feelings of failure, success became personal.

A Little Eyesight, A Lot of Insight: A Dance on Island Peak

Among a panorama of giants in the Imja Valley, insight was stronger than a tempting dance between doubt and dark thoughts as I climbed Island Peak.

Padlocking Peaks and Unlocking Opportunity

Backcountry skiing among the highest of the Himalayas felt blissfully surreal. In an instant, the peaks were padlocked and an internal storm was triggered.

A Himalayan Detour: More than Trail Running in Nepal

Pneumonia could have knocked me down. Instead it led to higher trails, new connections and a chapter more dynamic than mountain weather.

Seeing the Trail as it Really Is

A 10-day Vipassana sit was a whole new endurance experience that created new thought patterns and built strength in stillness.

Trails in the Land of Fire and Ice and the Midnight Sun

With ravishing waterfalls among enchanting geothermal mountains, trails taught lessons in geological contrasts and the warmth of Icelanders.

Trails from my Eye: Anecdotes from America

Making the most of what I can do, I checked in with my medical team in Denver and hopped out to trails throughout Colorado. Arizona and Utah.

Trail Running Peru: When Plans and Trails Collide

Spectacular trails throughout the Andes, Peru moved mountains within.

Southern Growth: Trail Running Argentina

My Andes’ adventures, the pearls of Patagonia and colourful gems of Jujuy made for a 6 week magical story of growth.

Trail Running Tales and Musings from Middle Earth

Running ridges above Wanaka, dodging clouds and chasing rainbows, beech forests, mountain peaks, glacial lakes, all mythical, magical, Kiwi memories.

Nepal: Manaslu Mountain Trail Race

A concoction of uncomforts blended smoothly to make for a most memorable run around the world’s 8th highest mountain.

Nepal: Annapurna 50 km Trail Race

Registering to race was huge. I started and finished with a smile as big as the Himalayas yet I was not finished with Nepal.

Nepal: Annapurna Analogously

With more than 11 000 m of elevation gain over 220 km, running the Annapurna Circuit reflected the journey of my recovery.

Not Finding Love in Ladakh

Introducing myself to India and the Himalayas by way of running was a challenging first date. I look forward to trying a second time.

Serenity in Slovenia

A gem in the Julian Alps, with thousands of trails and hundreds of peaks Slovenia had me striding and smiling.

Dodging Demons in the Dolomites

A stunning Italian backdropped yet I struggled on foot and in mind. Rocky came along for a rugged run in the Dolomites.

Apprendre en France

Building confidence on the trails and in my body, I reflect with gratitude following a month in France.

Pyrenees Andorra

Just 6 months out of hospital, my first real trail running since the accident provided an opportunity to challenge demons and discover strength.