As a visually impaired adventure athlete, the support of others allows me to shine light in the power of perspective and possibility.

As evident in this video, being a visually impaired adventure athlete with unique content and the inspiration reflected in the choices I have made, contagious energy is fabricated into my story which I would appreciate any organization whose values align with mine becoming part of. 

I choose to do hard things, making the most of the life I nearly lost and the eyesight that remains; doing wild things in wild places.

Having been in an accident that changed my life within a fraction of a second and left me between 7 hospitals in 3 countries over 26 months, I have learned how quickly life can change and it certainly does not always go the way we plan.

Though thankful for the experiences on 8 x 8 000m mountains, with no regret, now tens of thousands of dollars in debt, the expense cannot be justified and the current explosion and attention on the 8 000 scene stretches far from the reasons why I turned to climbing. Never setting out to climb among those in search of fame rather to challenge myself and shine light on the power of perspective and possibility. As such, keeping aligned to my values, I am choosing to further develop my technical climbing and backcountry skiing experience. 

Having come into climbing slightly backwards, I moved onto higher though less technical routes soon after a few 6 000 m and Ama Dablam standing closer to 7 000 m. Now I would like to build skills, climbing and skiing, and perhaps one day be able to lead others safely into wild places. 

The shift requires a team. If someone, an organization or company believes in my values and choices they will not be focussed on the height or number of mountains I’ve climbed rather how I’ve chosen to respond to the ones that life throws at me. Along with any help to connect with gear partners, public speaking opportunities, a GoFundMe remains from which any contributions will be put forth to training courses, and with that, the necessary insurance and travel. I welcome the opportunity to: share my story in person or virtually to inspire your team and international community, promote your company whose values align with mine, and our partnership on my Mountains of My Mind, social media avenues, publishing and speaking on your behalf, wearing your logo and using your gear to stay safe in wild places. 

In addition to any financial support, partnering could look like:

  1. One time contribution
  2. Exclusively supporting one or more training courses
  3. Gear support
  4. Logistical partner (e.g. transportation, insurance, etc.)

Thankful for the generous support of :

Rocky Talkie whose values of communication and safety align seamlessly with mine.

Xalibu skis who support my commitment to making the most of the life I nearly lost.

Himali whose clothing and gear keep me warm and dry.

Hyperlite Mountain Gear has become part of the fabric of my story providing a range of ultralight backpacks I use for skiing, ice climbing and mountaineering.

Julbo who help protect my eye and the vision I still have.

Leki who help keep me balanced and efficient on every trail.

With appreciation and anticipation,


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