The choice that has led to finding purpose in mountains may have been my own but there is a team behind me helping support this surreal story.

Every donation, piece of an energy bar, camp stove and crampon, getting between Base Camps the Tea Houses, from tents to toilets, backpacks and the gear that fills them ~ every detail matters and I am thankful beyond the highest of the Himalayas for the team supporting my choices.

Thankful for the generous support of :

Rocky Talkie whose values of communication and safety align seamlessly with mine.

Himali whose clothing and gear keep me warm and dry.

Hyperlite Mountain Gear has become part of the fabric of my story providing a range of ultralight backpacks I use for skiing, ice climbing and mountaineering.

Julbo who help protect my eye and the vision I still have.

Leki who help keep me balanced and efficient on every trail.

Keen to be involved? Check out the ways you too can contribute and be part of my supporting cast.

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