As a visually impaired adventure athlete, while I climb all of the world’s 14 peaks that stand above 8 000 m, your contributions will help make the chapters of Vision 8 000 complete.

As evident in this video, being a visually impaired adventure athlete with unique content and the inspiration that is Vision 8000, contagious energy is fabricated into my story which I would appreciate you becoming part of. 

 The 14 expeditions each require specific gear and approximately 30 000 USD to unfold safely and successfully.

In addition to any financial support, partnering could look like:

  1. One time contribution
  2. Exclusively supporting one or more of the 8 000 m climbs
  3. Contributions per climb
  4. Gear support
  5. Logistical partner (e.g. transportation, insurance, etc.)

As a partner, I welcome the opportunity to connect with companies, organizations and groups to share my story in person or virtually to inspire your team, promote your values here on Mountains of My Mind, social media avenues, publishing and speaking on your behalf, exclusively wearing your logo on my clothing and gear, as well as flying an your flag atop the world’s highest peaks.

Thankful for the support of Mingma G. and the Imagine Nepal team who have become part of the fabric of my story.

With appreciation and anticipation,


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