Eye Shoulds

New shoulds, eye glasses, and response.

Craving the serenity, simplicity and solitude of life in the Himalayas, where I am disconnected yet connect deeply: inner peace should not be altered. I have work to do.

Hooked: Peace on Ice

Something powerful takes over when hanging by an axe hooked into ice, crampons and a collection of carabiners. Presence is where I find inner peace.

Falling into Place

I once thought that my TBI and vision loss meant my life had fallen apart, yet today I feel it beginning to fall into place.

Letting Go of the Trail Behind

When I create space for new possibilities, I flow with renewed courage, thankful for the strength I have learned from my scars.

Impermanence of Luminance

Heading towards a Swiss peak long before the light of day, a dark trail became a bright, reflective classroom. The teacher, a headlamp.

The Power in Pause Plus Perspective

Tears flowed throughout this tale which depicts the power of intentions, perspective and pausing in the art of conversation.

Waves in the Wilderness

When I thought I was on solid ground, an unanticipated wave rocked me. I work to ride the waves, each one an opportunity to learn from.

A Trail of No Comparison

Life is not about dwelling or craving change. Embracing life is about being the best I can possibly be right now.

The Trail Exposed

Vulnerability has led to conversation, connection and immeasurable growth that would not have unfolded had I kept my falls and fears within.

Seeing Light

An open heart and an open mind, opens doors and light appears. An unanticipated week in the hospital with pneumonia, I found light.