Moving Mountains: Perspective and Possibility from Brain Injury and Vision Loss to the World’s Highest Peaks


Thankful for the Canadian Concussion Legacy Foundation who asked me to share as part of their Inspiring Stories features.

Ice Fall

Once upon a chilly February morning, two eager friends raced the sun rising in Banff National Park in search of a frozen waterfall to scale.....the plot quickly twist and the happily ever after will take a minute.

Feeling Fractured

Unanswered messages, emails and texts from companies who had been ‘on my team’ as I climbed atop some of the world’s most pristine peaks, having my story withdrawn from a magazine publication and a mention of insignificance, I am human; it hurts yet with that strength, fractured, I climb on.

Eye Shoulds

New shoulds, eye glasses, and response.

Craving the serenity, simplicity and solitude of life in the Himalayas, where I am disconnected yet connect deeply: inner peace should not be altered. I have work to do.

Hooked: Peace on Ice

Something powerful takes over when hanging by an axe hooked into ice, crampons and a collection of carabiners. Presence is where I find inner peace.

Falling into Place

I once thought that my TBI and vision loss meant my life had fallen apart, yet today I feel it beginning to fall into place.

Letting Go of the Trail Behind

When I create space for new possibilities, I flow with renewed courage, thankful for the strength I have learned from my scars.

Impermanence of Luminance

Heading towards a Swiss peak long before the light of day, a dark trail became a bright, reflective classroom. The teacher, a headlamp.

The Power in Pause Plus Perspective

Tears flowed throughout this tale which depicts the power of intentions, perspective and pausing in the art of conversation.

Waves in the Wilderness

When I thought I was on solid ground, an unanticipated wave rocked me. I work to ride the waves, each one an opportunity to learn from.