From a dodgy descent to igniting another’s fire on a crisp Khumbu night, I find power in perspective and find light on life’s trail.

Finding the potential in roadblocks and inner peace amoung pristine peaks. Some call it resilience, I call it navigating the mountains of my mind.

From a stumble on a dodgy descent to igniting another’s fire on a dark, crisp night in Khumbu, In the Light and On the Trail tales my footsteps on a day high in the Himalayas that took an invigorating turn once I shifted my chair along with my perspective.

Accepting the stories my scars tell with no shame in what I perpetually hide behind sunglasses, authentically sharing what is, and letting go of what was, may you connect to the power of perspective as you join me on the trail in this article originally published in Outpost Magazine.


Thank you for making time to read In the Light and On the Trail.

If this fragment of my story, or any aspect of the Mountains of My Mind, ignites something within, please share the light. The world could always use more.

As always, I appreciate your reflective thoughts and welcome your questions below.

With heartfelt appreciation for your company along my trail,

Outpost’s winter edition is available digitally on every trail and mountain far and wide by clicking here.

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