From the accident, traumatic brain injury and vision loss to weight loss, eating school, mountain trails, Rocky falls & frozen waterfalls, Majell & I shine light on the power of impermanence.

There’s no path towards evolution and making something better unless we can talk about it. Stokley ignites conversation.

Lessons from my traumatic brain injury have led to mountains high, trails wide, connections and conversations deep. From TBI, vision loss, and eating disorders to mountain trails, Rocky falls and frozen waterfalls, Majell and I shine light in places once dark and untouchable and celebrate all that adversity continues to teach about strength, connection and gratitude. We rumble into perspective that has nothing to do with two eyes. 

I hope you enjoy this conversation with Majell as much as I did.

Please let us know what you think, share and keep the conversations, the listening, questioning and curiosity, stoked.


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  1. Thomas Stevens says:

    So good to hear your voice again Jill. The trails will be all the sweeter, the air more bracing, and the sky bluer as we come out of this difficult time.

    • Jill Wheatley says:

      Thanks for making the time to listen to the podcast Tom.

      As much as I am to remain present, indeed those days ahead will be most welcome and add new light when Mother Nature welcomes us back. Until then, I will keep embracing all that comes along the trail with gratitude for the road behind has led me here with wonderful lessons of impermanence along the way.