Only once I moved head in the cycle of acceptance was I able to find my feet and flourish.

My first ‘EDCare – Nourishing Success’ post notes the flourishing that was only made possible once I gained trust in my medical team and in the processes necessary to get me healthy and embracing all life’s mountains.

Click on link below to be directed to the ED Care website where you can read the post.

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  1. Tom Stevens says:

    Jill. It took me over sixty years to accept that I coud not control lifes challenges only how I respended to them. You have been instrumental in giving me a path to do so.

    • mountainsofmymind says:

      How wonderful that you continue to be open to learning and growing Tom. Most thankful for our connection and that it has led you to growth.

      • Tom Stevens says:

        I’m in Aspen and getting ready to go for a snowy trail run. I thought of you this morning and offered up a prayer for your journey.