Jill Wheatley: Choosing My Response (The National Post)


Choosing how I respond to TBI and Vision loss with Canada's National Post

Jill Wheatley: Human Triumph on the Highest Peaks after a TBI and only 30 % Vision


Jill is a former athlete, teacher, and coach whose life took a dramatic turn when a traumatic brain injury (TBI) left her with impaired vision, stripping away her independence and changing her world completely. Yet, even amidst the darkness, Jill's unwavering passion for Mother Nature and her unyielding spirit drove her to reclaim her life and conquer unimaginable heights.

Rocky Mountain Outlook: Visually Impaired Mountaineer's Tall Task


Jill's Feature in Canmore Alberta's Rocky Mountain Outlook

Jill Wheatley: Explore Magazine Feature


Explore Magazine features a feat far bigger than any mountain.

If there’s one thing JIll Wheatley knows, it’s that life does not always go according to plan.

Global News: Visually-impaired Canadian woman sets records on the world's tallest mountains


A Canadian climber is reaching remarkable heights and shattering records along the way but what's more significant is where she was forced to climb out of to get to the top.

Podcast: Ambiguously Blind


Talking all things change, challenge and choosing my response when life's trail gets rocky... from the Rockies.

The Travis Macy Show


Listen in as Travis and Mace lead a fun , educational, and compelling conversation with Jill and Ryan Haebe about living fully after traumatic brain injury.

Delivering Adventure Podcast


What does it take to work through adversity? What happens when that adversity is coming from an injury that has transformed our life? ~ Jill Wheatley is an alchemist: listen to her her speak of transformation from adversity to adventure

Podcast: Climbing 8000m Peaks With 70% Blindness


On The Mic With Parth: Jill Wheatley is a Canadian mountaineer and runner. A few years ago she suffered a traumatic brain injury causing her to loose 70% of her vision. But that did not stop her from dreaming big. She went about climbing 6x8000m mountains in less than a year and is aiming to finish all 14 very soon!

Jill Wheatley: Mountains of My Mind


New episode of Let's Take This Outside with @mtnsofmymind - Jill is a mountain climber currently climbing the world’s 14 peaks above 8,000 metres, with only 30% of her vision.