Kanchenjunga: Keepin’ the Story Interesting

The world’s 3rd highest peak, my 3rd 8000er, was going to be different. The stories my mind was telling were daunting yet deep within knew that there was potential for greatness to surface from change. It did.

Moving Mountains: Perspective and Possibility from Brain Injury and Vision Loss to the World’s Highest Peaks


Thankful for the Canadian Concussion Legacy Foundation who asked me to share as part of their Inspiring Stories features.

Digging Deep on Dhaulagiri

Climbing atop the 7th highest mountain on earth, Dhaulagiri got off to a jagged start. My second 8 000 er was far tougher mentally than physically. I climb on.

Ice Fall

Once upon a chilly February morning, two eager friends raced the sun rising in Banff National Park in search of a frozen waterfall to scale.....the plot quickly twist and the happily ever after will take a minute.

Eye Shoulds

New shoulds, eye glasses, and response.

Craving the serenity, simplicity and solitude of life in the Himalayas, where I am disconnected yet connect deeply: inner peace should not be altered. I have work to do.

Manaslu Expedition Part 1: Embodying the Soul of the Himals

As I prepare to climber beyond 8 000m, I reflect upon the healing I have found in the himals of Nepal, and how I strive to personify their characteristics.

Part 2: Magical Manaslu ~ a brief look

A glimpse into my first expedition beyond 8 000 m, to the true summit of Manaslu


Grief is an enigma. Ups and downs, twists and turns, it hides in crevices before it surfaces again without warning.

A Heavy Load: From Ama Dablam to the Annapurnas (Part 3)

Room for anything but mindfulness does not exist when maneuvering amidst renowned technical terrain, anchor after endless anchor with frigid fingers and without depth perception, one breath at a time I climbed in body and mind.

Teaming Up with Mountains of My Mind


As a visually impaired adventure athlete, along with unique content and inspiring goals’, contagious energy is fabricated into my story, which I would be grateful to have allies become part of.