A Collection of the Latest

Keeping my community updated with how I am navigating life's trail, where I am finding light and the goals I am working on.

Teaming Up with Mountains of My Mind


As a visually impaired adventure athlete, along with unique content and inspiring goals’, contagious energy is fabricated into my story, which I would be grateful to have allies become part of.

A Story of Serendipity

From the first set of stairs to adventuring in the highest of the Himalayas, come along on a visual story of serendipity.

The Overseas Trail (5/6)

The comorbidity my TBI served stirred confusion within. From Germany to Canada to Colorado, no vacation, no hope.

Running on Empty (4/6)

Skull fractured and brain severely damaged, I needed fuel to heal yet I had none to give. I withered.

The Puzzling Trail (3/6)

From intensive physical training, teaching and coaching to being bedridden in an instant; how could the puzzle pieces ever come back together.

The Complex Trail (2/6)

With a Black Eye, I went home trusting the doctors. My head felt like it was going to explode. I was not too far off.

The Trailhead (1/6)

A brief synopsis of the day that started like any other; then my life changed in an instant.